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Create an access point with Baidu WiFi Hotspot is pretty simple: you set the network name and creates a password. Only it is enough to click on “Create access point” and make everything start working perfectly.

The program offers a few more features that can be customized to user experience. The function of the WiFi sharing supports systems with WinXP, Win7 and Win8.

Before installing the “Baidu WiFi Hotspot” you can create a Windows restore point, so if you don’t like the program or if it does not work properly, you can simply restore the system to a point prior to the installation of the program. Click here and learn how to create a restore point.

To ensure the quality of your download, our team downloaded and tested this file with Kaspersky antivirus and Avast!. Because of this, your download will be done with a unique Arcade Download Manager, directly from our servers, to ensure greater security and speed.

During installation, you may be offered some additional software. This additional software is totally optional and you can choose not to install anything other than the program you are downloading.

Our opinion of the Above you gave a complete description about the Baidu WiFi Hotspot and its functionalities, know now what we think of Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a great solution for those who want to share their internet without needing cables. In addition, it is also practical for handheld devices, which typically cannot connect to the internet by wire, then the WiFi comes in handy to browse the web freely.

The program comes ready for use and does not require any type of manual setup on the network adapter. Just register a name and a password to her, i.e. a process absolutely simple.

The result is also nice because it allows you to share the wireless internet that comes to the PC via cable without having a router for that. Baidu interface WiFi Hotspot is very minimalist, which ensures that the information gathered will be presented in a compact and accessible in one place.

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