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The New Ways To Do The Business: MBA or CIO?
by: J.C.Melo

The old and standard business administration concepts included in any current MBA program are very important, but today the companies are very different.

This new situation strong demands a new MBA program including the General Control Theory, the control engineering, the new business technologies, the Management by Exception
concept automated by computer systems, the Feedback Control System and several other subjects like Internet Marketing & Sales.

As we know the CIO is the abbreviation of “Chief Information Officer” and is a new professional, usually between the CEO and the other Directors including the IT Director. He don’t
replace the IT Director, with the exception in small companies.

A CIO Chief Information Officer has entrepreneurial experience and at the same time technical experience in Information Technologies. The entrepreneur usually has only the
entrepreneurial experience and the IT manager has only on technical matters. However business is more and more the information system and the information system is more and more
the business.

The companies are more and more electronics, as for examples the ERP Enterprise Resources Planning, the CRM Customer Relationship Management, the Voice over IP VoIP, the
sophisticated Call Centers, Business Intelligence BI, the Internet, the new Internet Marketing, etc. Therefore, to survive a modern business administrator must learn those new ways
to do the business and how to manage those modern enterprises.

In other words, the current MBA will be substituted by a CIO in a very short period of time. And a recent report from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the
primary accrediting body in North America lambasted its members for maintaining a curriculum that is out of touch with modern business practices. As a matter of fact, the current
MBA it’s an 60-years old curriculum in the begin of this digital age.

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About The Author

J.C.Melo is a 73-years old IT professional, he was the owner of the first Brazilian minicomputer factory and also a Consultant for the U.S. Government several times. He has 54
years of experience in the computer science & technology entrepreneurship fields. Now is the CEO of the organization

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