Przydrożne reklamy Aplikacji Google – 4 VOIP

Przydrożne reklamy Aplikacji Google

Pakiet biurowych aplikacji Google dla firm będzie reklamowany na billboardach ustawionych obok głównych dróg w USA. To nietypowe dla Google posunięcie świadczy o tym, że konkurencja z Microsoftem zaczęła się na dobre, a firmie naprawdę zależy na opanowaniu rynków innych niż wyszukiwanie….

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Kilka dni temu Skype alarmował, że komórkowi operatorzy blokują dostep do telefonii internetowej. Z podobnym problemem spotkała się firma Google, której aplikacja Google Voice została zblokowana przez[…]

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Firma Google kilka dni temu oficjalnie zapowiedziała wprowadzenie w drugiej połowie 2010 roku systemu operacyjnego Google Chrome OS, który ma być dostępny dla notebooków. Teraz firma zapowiada podobne[…]

Google zachęca do efektywnego wykorzystania sezonu letniego i zaprasza wszystkich zainteresowanych do wzięcia udziału w bezpłatnych seminariach internetowych na temat reklamy AdWords….[…]

Przedstawiciele Nokii poinformowali, że pracują nad wyprodukowaniem notebooka, który byłby wyposażony w system Google Android. Nokia przewiduje, że do końca roku zostanie sprzedanych 25 mln notebooków[…]

Skype Available on X-Series from 3, Enabled by iSkoot

December 6 2006

Skype is available today on X-Series handsets from 3 UK. The solution uses the iSkootMobile software and is now available in 3’s UK stores in addition to being available in 3’s other markets around the world beginning early 2007. X-Series customers will be able to make unlimited Skype calls from their Nokia N73, with more handsets to follow.

“This is a significant milestone, as 3 is the first mobile operator to bring Skype-enabled mobile phones to consumers,” said Eric Lagier, Skype’s Head of Business Development, Mobile. “Skype has been working in close partnership with iSkoot, who have helped to make the promise of mobile Skype a reality.”

“We are extremely proud to be working with Skype and bringing this first-of-its-kind solution to Skype users,” said Jacob Guedalia, CEO of iSkoot. “Skype is the clear leader in internet calling and now, thanks to iSkoot, it is available on mobile phones and Skype users can always stay in touch.”

About Skype

Skype is the world’s fastest-growing Internet communication offering, allowing unlimited free voice, video and instant messaging communication between users of Skype Software. With over 136 million registered users, Skype is available in 28 languages and is used in almost every country around the world. Skype generates revenue through its premium offerings such as making and receiving calls to and from landline and mobile phones, voicemail, call forwarding and personalization including ringtones and avatars. Skype also has relationships with a growing network of hardware and software providers.

Skype is an eBay company (Nasdaq: EBAY). To learn more visit Skype is not a replacement for your ordinary telephone and cannot be used for emergency calling. Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skype Me, Skype Certified, Skypecasts, associated logos and the “S” symbol are trademarks of Skype Limited.

About iSkoot

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., iSkoot is dedicated to becoming a leader in enabling mobile Internet telephony. iSkoot extends the reach of Internet telephony by allowing users to make and receive calls over the Web using any mobile phone. With iSkoot, Skype users are no longer bound to their PCs to make and receive calls. iSkoot enables Skype users to take advantage of Internet phone services and buddy systems to make unlimited, superior quality voice calls via next-generation peer-to-peer software from their cell phone. For more information, visit

All trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

For Media Contact:

Scott Baldwin

5W Public Relations


Real-Time Kent T1 Line Prices from Nationwide Service Providers

 Virtual Private Networks (VPN) 101

Written by: Patrick Oborn – Dec 3, 2008

As the VPN market approaches maturity at a brisk pace, vendors have been forced to rethink the tradition identity of their IP Security-based technology for letting users securely access enterprise resources via the Internet. Most large companies in need of linking their offices together have done so on frame relay networks. Although frame is still a useful product many users have found that the reduced cost of VPN gives them an attractive alternative.

During the last 18 months, vendors have pushed VPN technology into different devices, have lessened the distinction between VPN and firewall products, and have demonstrated a strong willingness to deviate from standardized technology to meet corporate remote access requirements. VPN services now come bundled with many dedicated services and several service providers are using VPN products as a loss leader so they can sell circuits. When investigating the use of VPN products make sure you speak with a professional who can guide you through the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the product. While it is a cost reduced alternative to frame it is a different product and should be thoroughly researched.

One of the advantages of a VPN is that internet access is not based only on the hub and spoke layout. The users away from the hub are able to access the internet through their own connection rather than going through the hub and creating a bottleneck. Users will only need to connect through the hub if they need to access information from the central database. When researching alternatives such as VPN, like always, we recommend you consult with a professional and not just a salesman for a VPN company. Make sure the individual you speak with is unbiased and will give you the strengths and weaknesses of each product. We recommend one of the brokers at T1 price for unbiased recommendations of multiple carriers.

PLUGandVOIP | Business IP Communication

voiPBX TIBER: Funzionalitą
I voiPBX della serie TIBER sono configurati per gestire fino a 50
conversazioni contemporanee (sia su linee tradizionali legacy, che su
linee voIP).


  • Fino a 50 conversazioni contemporanee.
  • Compatibile con telefoni IP, analogici, software, usb.
  • Qualità del suono indistinguibile da telefonia tradizionale.
  • Completo supporto codec voice compression (G723/G729/G711,ILBC).
  • Interfacce legacy: interfacciamento attraverso gateway SIP esterni.
  • Connessione contemporanea sulla rete PSTN e IP.

Funzionalità principali di Centralino

  • Funzionalità complete di chiamata, attesa e trasferimento (blind o diretto).
  • Gestione avanzata dell’inoltro delle chiamate con regole di forwarding.
  • Richiamata su occupato (su tutte le chiamate tra interni e teleworker).
  • Dial from web. Con un click chiama un interno (visualizzazione connessi e non).
  • Gruppi utente.
  • Voicemail (casella vocale) personalizzata per tutti gli interni e con integrazione dei servizi di posta elettronica.
  • Capacità Voicemail: oltre 1.000 ore.
  • Consultazione voicemail: telefono, email, web.
  • IVR – Menù interattivi. Risponditori telefonici multilivello completamente programmabili.
  • Code con registrazione dinamica agenti. Instradamento ciclico, parallelo, sequenziale, meno recente, meno usato.
  • Time segments. Funzioni giorno/notte/festivo/pausa.
  • Gestione delle chiamate in attesa.
  • Gestione dei servizi di call-back.
  • Gestione LCR (Least Cost Routing). Instradamento delle chiamate verso l’operatore più economico per orario, sia su rete PSTN che su rete VOIP.
  • Gestione Fail Back automatica. Instradamento delle chiamate verso il primo operatore disponibile, sia su rete PSTN che su rete VOIP.
  • Dettagli chiamate completo (CDR – Call Details Records).
  • Conferenza. Room di conferenza.
  • Funzionalità complete voIP (voice over IP).
  • Nessuna limitazione al numero di client IP (periferiche hardware/software) connessi.
  • Trunking via Internet tra Sede e Sede (senza necessità di IP statico e pubblico).
  • Tele-worker. Connessione telefonica per Telelavoratori e road-warriors.
  • Gestione del Quality of Service.

Funzionalità avanzate

  • Possibilità di integrazione con fax server (con inoltro automatico via email).
  • Possibilità di interfacciamento con software aziendali (es. CRM, ERP, Outlook, Lotus Notes).
  • Possibilità di sviluppo di nuove funzionalità con minimo sforzo grazie
    alla piattaforma aperta (Asterisk) su cui si basa il sistema.
  • Possibilità di integrare Gateway GSM.
  • Possibilità di integrare plug-in per Microsoft Outlook (click to dial).

Management e diagnostica

  • Lan Manager. Gestione delle funzionalità utente via interfaccia web su lan
    (privilegi utente/amministratore).
  • Web Manager. Gestione completa di tutte le funzionalità via web
    (privilegi rivenditore/amministratore).
  • Diagnostica e reportistica in tempo reale.


Ooma Voip Phone | Useful Links Voip Phone

Ooma Telo is the next generation product that was released on October 1, 2009.

The Telo offers unlimited, free VoIP calls within the United States and features a new, cordless DECT 6.0 handset offering, voice, a connected phone book, mobile transfer, speaker phone, and musical ring tones. The kit is expandable to four handsets. According to Rich Buchanan, Ooma’s former chief marketing officer, Telo “helps combine the home phone and cell phone so you can enjoy the benefits of both without any compromises.

Free phone calls never sounded better. Introduction Ooma Voip Phone with HD Voice
Buy an Ooma Telo and get crystal-clear unlimited free U.S. calling with your Internet connection and existing home phone. You pay only applicable taxes and fees. Unlimited calls are subject to normal residential usage limitations. More on taxes and fees. .

iPad 16GB on

This thing is very fast, opening and closing applications is quick, the screen is incredibly responsive, there is no lag while typing, and the built in Safari browser does a great job of quickly loading even graphic intense pages.

The Brother 1034D also includes an instructional video tape to make serging fast easy and fun.

The Brother 1034D serger features a 3/4 lay-in thread system with lower looper threader

Brother 1034d Serger

The Brother 1034D Serger features a 3/4 lay-in thread system with lower looper threader. Stitch options include 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches.

Additionally you can sew blind hem, pin tuck and flat lock stitches by purchasing optional presser feet. The machine has a free arm/flat bed convertible sewing surface. The 1034D also offers a F.A.S.T. lower looper threading system for easy thread changes. The differential feed improves sewing results on stretch or thin fabrics to give you a perfect finish. Snap-on presser feet allow quick and easy changes to transition to each desired stitch. The 1034D also includes an instructional video tape to make serging fast easy and fun.

iPad Apple 16 GB Wifi

Apple’s first iPad TV commercial debuts during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.
Featuring “There Goes My Love” by The Blue Van.
Meet Apple’s magical and revolutionary new iPad — the best way to experience the web, email, photos, books, video, and more. Go to to learn more

Kinect for Xbox 360
brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways with no controller required. Simply step in front of the sensor and Kinect recognizes you and responds to your gestures. .

VoIP Supply, llc Increases Headcount 49% in May

June 21 2006

Cheektowaga, NY (PRWEB) June 20, 2006 — VoIP Supply, llc, a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) hardware, software and services, today announced a 49% increase in headcount during the month of May. The expansion focused on bolstering the customer service, engineering, and sales staff to support the tremendous growth the company has experienced this year.

«The company’s tremendous headcount growth in May is a direct result of the continued success of our business and the emerging Voice over IP (VoIP) industry,» stated Benjamin P. Sayers, President and CEO of VoIP Supply, llc. «The launch of our interactive training center reinforces our commitment to our customers by ensuring our staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry..»

The interactive training center features 12 individual learning centers featuring the latest in PC, VoIP, and presentation technology. The training center will be used to training new hires, conduct vendor lead seminars, and to foster continued staff development. The training center is located at the company’s 254 Sonwil Drive location in Buffalo, NY.

For more information about VoIP Supply, llc visit

About VoIP Supply, llc

VoIP Supply, llc (, is a leading supplier of Voice over IP Hardware, Software, and Services. In addition to a comprehensive selection of IP phones, networking equipment and software platforms, the company offers provisioning and fulfillment, custom configuration, technical support, extended warranties and logistical services for end-to-end customer solutions. VoIP Supply is a certified partner with these industry leading manufacturers, including vegastream, zoom, polycom, digium, cisco, linksys, grandstream, sangoma, uniden and snom. For additional information on VoIP Supply, llc please contact Garrett Smith at 716.250.3408.

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freevoipcalls blog» Blog Archive » Why Go With LED Bulbs To Be The Suitable Strategy For Energy Efficient Light Bulbs?

One-hundred-and-thirty yrs ago, Johnson Thomas edison accomplished the very first good regular take a look at within the incandescent lamp. Which include incremental changes in the act, Edison’s common systems offers ignited the earth after. It is heading to alter. Were around the cusp from a semiconductor-based lamps trend designed to finally exchange Edison’s lighting by having a considerably more energy-efficient lighting style treatment.

To find out in what way new LED lighting happen to be combined with exactly why they are nonetheless high-priced, it is actually instructional to visit the way they are manufactured and then match it up to the manufacture of incandescent light bulbs. This short article explores the way in which incandescent bulbs are designed after which you can contrasts this process by having a explanation in the typical creation practice meant for Directed lights.

Despite the fact that person incandescent light bulb types vary larger along with power level, them all possess the two common parts: this filament, all the bulb, and therefore the trust. A new standard platform supports the full installation available. The beds base has the name all the “Edison bolt base.In . Aluminum must be used on the lateral side in addition to decanter or glass would once insulate the medial on the foundation.

Originally caused by grip, lamp processing is now very nearly altogether intelligent.

Lamps tend to be evaluated designed for the two fixture living as well as potency.

So that they can supply speedy, determined lamps are actually hosed straight into existence test racks plus lit up from values considerably outperforming typical. This allows a definative measure of the span of time the actual light can last according to normal disorders.
Assessing is carried out in the least producing vegetation and within quite a few 3rd party evaluating companies. The typical lifetime of the typical domestic light might be Seven hundred and fifty to at least one,000 time, based on wattage.

A good light-emitting diode (Brought) is usually a solid express electric powered outlet which usually builds lgt with the motion regarding electrons from a semiconductor components. Xmas trees systems has been in existence because overdue 60s, but for the very first 50 a long time LEDs have been predominately included in electronics industries equipment to exchange small bulbs. Within the past several years, advances during the engineering at last boosted light source outcome sufficient regarding LEDs to get started with to seriously completely overcome incandescent not to mention neon light bulbs. With regards to a number of engineering, for the reason that cost of production is catagorized every effective LED new release additionally increases in light top quality, end result each and every watt, and heat organization.

The pc companies are suitable to fabricate Encouraged lighting fixtures. The method isn’t a good deal unique of making a laptop or computer mother board.

The companies building typically the LEDs can be commonly certainly not in your lighting organization, or simply this can be a insignificant an important part of their particular internet business.

They have an inclination that they are semiconductor contains that will be completely happy good available the unit, which explains why selling prices relating to high-output LEDs offers slipped such a lot of during the last 25 years.

A Headed brightness includes 4 fundamental features: a powerful Headed rounds board, a new heatsink, a power supply, along with a covering.
That lights get going like clean branded signal snowboards (PCB) along with large luminance Contributed variables show up because of separate plants which usually are dedicated to earning those factors. Driven factors by themselves establish a spot of high temperature, therefore the Printed circuit board made use of in lighting might be special.

Instead of the conventional non-conductive sub associated with stick and even fibreglass, any circuit aboard will be presented for the slimmer metal sheet from metal which provides heatsink.

Typically the round of golf model of a standard bulb signifies that a good number of Guided printed out routine decks happen to be around, so with regard to ease of controlling most of small circular PCBs usually are grouped together in to a particular much larger sq Printed circuit board the fact that programmed SMT machines are designed for.

Think it is being a cupcake tray moving in one unit to the next together a conveyor weight loss garment, after that by the end the consumer cookies are broke without the actual receptacle.

The limited power stored systems for the light bulb goes through similar technique, or may perhaps be provided accomplish out of an additional production line.

In any event, any producing actions are similar; 1st all the Printed circuit board goes by with SMT traces, next it goes with a guidebook dual in-line bundle (Soak) set up path where a longer short period for manufacturing area workforce add just one section at the moment. DIP refers back to the a couple of similar series connected with directs predicting out of your features of this arrangement.

DIP resources can include every designed motherboards and nick electrical sockets.

Although LED light bulbs use up repeatedly more compared with incandescent or perhaps CFLs in addition to want fewer than half the power, they require some sort of passive heatsink maintain the high-power LEDs by heating up.

The particular Encouraged enterprise block, which is produced from A.6-2mm wide aluminum, can run heat in the number of or so Guided features for the material heatsink frame and so continue to keep temperature ranges down.

Aluminum-backed PCBs in many cases are generally known as “metal foundation personalised rounds message boards,” simple fact made from a good conductive stuff a white colored cellular lining will be electrically separating.

That light weight aluminum PCB is hosed available in the heatsink which will forms the share of typically the Encouraged light bulb.

Thus, if you have had thought of for what reason Driven lights are hence expensive now, the reason from that they are produced and how that compares to your output of regular bulbs should allow. Nonetheless, in addition it explains the reason the purchase price will show up extremely significantly in the next several years. In the same way the expense of creation alternative semiconductor-based products and services provides decreased greatly because of standardization, automation and other crucial techniques following the creation grasping bend, the same inexorable makes should lower the amount paid about Encouraged lamp output.

In relation to pulling out your multiple-use procuring purses, I usually cringe. For sure, I find myself good concerning go green but not pushing up the situation associated with cosmetic squanders inside our natural environment, but you are not to painless or perhaps convenient to use.

They don’t really in shape in the bagging holder, to collapse ourselves and i also ought to fight to carry them all clear though I strive to help occupy individuals.
And they’re not much of a style declaration. That they cannot start looking whatever a lesser amount of captivating, and in what way the contains are placed, they may not be very mobile using almost any genuine weight within just. They also are typically larger in addition to take up an excessive amount area into my car.
Together with, The truth is that, half the time I really don’t do not forget individuals right up until I’m just now inside stow.

Hesitant to hand over my deal with green living, That i launched concerned about in cases where there isn’t a more effective service green bags.

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The project has been renamed to CallWeaver

Back to the CallWeaver main entry on this site


Official CallWeaver website

I thought Asterisk was the only game in town. How come I never heard of you guys before?

There are a quite a few interesting open source telephony projects besides Asterisk, most notably and in alphabetical order










. None of these can compete marketing wise with Asterisk. However, when it comes to the quality of the software, you will probably find that Asterisk is inferior to each and every one of its competitors. In any event, we think you should shop around and compare before you make a choice. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover nor by its position on the bestsellers list.

Why did you fork Asterisk?

  • We wanted community input and control, so that no single person or company can stop progress.
  • We wanted to be able to use the best libraries available. (e.g. SpanDSP, Unicall, Sofia SIP)
  • We wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel if it is not necessary.
  • We wanted to be free of limitations imposed by dual licensing.
  • We wanted to avoid commercial interests to interfere with quality of development.
  • We wanted more focus on reliability, generic solutions and cross-platform compatibility.
  • We wanted to allow everybody to participate and contribute without having to disclaim copyrights.
  • We wanted a level playing field, an independent project which does not compete with its customers.

What does CallWeaver have that Asterisk doesn’t?

  • Official cross-platform support, currently Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and MacOS X
  • Conferencing without Zaptel hardware and without any kernel modules for timing
  • Built-in STUN support for SIP NAT traversal
  • Uses SpanDSP which means more efficient codecs and full T.38 fax over IP support
  • Uses SQLite instead of the (no longer maintained) Berkeley DB1 engine as its internal database
  • Allows CSRC entries in RTP for better compliance
  • A universal jitterbuffer for use with any channel type
  • Uses POSIX realtime extensions which means there are no Zaptel timing dependencies
  • Much faster and more efficient dialplan execution because it uses hashing
  • Much faster and more efficient extension matching engine
  • Variables and applications in extensions.conf are case sensitive, conversion script provided
  • AGI has been renamed to OGI, Macro() has been renamed to Proc(), conversion script provided
  • Evaluates correctness and integrity of configuration data (being introduced in stages, work in progress)
  • Provides conversion scripts to convert configuration files whenever changes are made to format or syntax
  • Runs well under a virtual machine such as Xen, VMware and VPS

What does Asterisk 1.4 have that CallWeaver 1.2 doesn’t?

  • A vendor who has the last word on all decisions concerning the code base
  • A bugtracker where people get punished for reporting serious bugs which are difficult to fix
  • A licensing regime under which contributors who wish to contribute under GPL terms are rejected
  • Variable packetization
  • SNMP support

How reliable is the CallWeaver software?

Tests we carried out have indicated that RC releases of CallWeaver surpass the reliability of Asterisk 1.2.x releases and many users who have migrated from Asterisk to CallWeaver have confirmed this observation again and again.

If it’s so reliable, then why are your releases only RC?

Our project charter puts equal importance on reliability and cross-platform compatibility. A full release will be made when cross-platform testing has been completed. The targeted platforms for the first release are Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, MacOSX/Darwin and Solaris.

Can I use my configuration files from Asterisk with CallWeaver?

Yes, you can. The dialplan (extensions.conf) has some minor changes though: Variables and application names are case sensitive, AGI has been renamed to OGI to avoid any potential trademark issues and Macro has been renamed to Proc because it was a misnomer. Don’t worry, we have provided a script which

automatically checks and converts

your dialplan accordingly after making a backup copy. We will continue to provide such checking and conversion scripts whenever we make any further changes in the future.

Can I use Asterisk plugin modules with CallWeaver?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to recompile the plugin after renaming some function names. For details refer to

this HOWTO article


Can I use the CDR processing/analysis utility/software I use now with Asterisk?

Yes, you can. We didn’t touch the CDR engine at all. There is no difference between CallWeaver CDRs and Asterisk CDRs.

Can I use patented codecs such as G.723, G.729 or ILBC with CallWeaver?

Technically speaking, yes you can. There are open source implementations of G.723 and G.729. The ILBC codec is available for free personal use. However, for legal reasons, we cannot distribute these codecs together with CallWeaver. You will need to find, download and build them yourself. Please note that in most parts of the world you can only legally use G.723 and G.729 if you have paid royalites for the patents. For legal advice you should consult an attorney specialised in intellectual property law.

Can I use CallWeaver with telephony interface cards to connect to the PSTN?

Yes, you can. For a list of compatible hardware please see

this section

in the main wiki on this site.

On which operating systems does CallWeaver run?

At this time we have tested and run CallWeaver on various Linux distros with 2.6 kernels, FreeBSD 6.1 (using generic timers), FreeBSD 6.2 and 7 (using POSIX timers), NetBSD and Darwin/MacOSX 10.4. The architectures we tested on are x86, x86-64 and PPC.

Can I run CallWeaver in a virtual machine environment?

Yes, you can. Many of our developers and testers run CallWeaver under virtual machine environments to test on different operating systems. Most common are Xen and VMware. The CallWeaver demo server runs under VPS.

Can I use the FreePBX web GUI with CallWeaver?

Not right now, but the


developers have told us that they will have CallWeaver support when we make our first regular release.

My Asterisk doesn’t scale. How about the CallWeaver software?

Yes, indeed, Asterisk doesn’t scale. Some of it has to do with an inefficient dialplan execution and pattern matching engine. We have made significant improvements to that and intend to replace the engine altogether with an efficient implementation. Another cause is a very naive implementation of internal storage using linked lists which is extremely inefficient. We are working on a replacement using hashtable storage. Yet another cause are locking issues. We have fixed quite a few locking related bugs, but to solve these issues properly, some structural changes in the core are necessary and we are working on that, too.

RTP handling is still the same in asterisk and openpbx, so this still doesn’t scale too well (max ~400 bridged calls per ~3GHz CPU)

I have serious problems with the Asterisk manager interface. Did you guys fix this yet?

No, not yet, but we have a design for a reliable, scalable and more secure


. This will become a priority after the first regular release.

I have troubles with queues in Asterisk. Did you guys fix those yet?

No, we haven’t touched the queues implementation yet. We are considering app_icd as a replacement for app_queue as the default queue manager but no work has been carried out thus far. However, we know this is a trouble spot and we will work on this in the future.

I have many issues with Asterisk’s SIP support. Did you ever think of using a better SIP stack?

Yes, we did. We think we should use the open source

Sofia SIP stack

from Nokia in CallWeaver to replace chan_sip in the future. Our friends at the Freeswitch project evaluated a large number of open source SIP stacks and they tell us that Sofia is the best thing since sliced bread.

Where can I get support for CallWeaver?

For free community based support you can use the mailing list or the #openpbx IRC channel. For commercial support you may ask any consultant providing support for Asterisk as they will be able to also support CallWeaver and many of them already support forked or otherwise modified versions of Asterisk anyway. We have received pledges from several consulting companies and telephony integrators that they will provide commercial support for CallWeaver starting with the first public release version. We will list those companies at that time.

Why did you rename all the ast_ prefixes in the source code and AGI to OGI in the dialplan?

We wanted to make sure that we stay clear of anything that could be construed as improper use of trademarks. For the same reason we chose to rename AGI (an acronym for Asterisk Gateway Interface) to OGI, the idea is “better safe than sorry”. However, IAX is known to be safe to use as the USPTO lists it as an abandoned trademark.

I don’t always understand the telephony jargon. Do you have a glossary?

Yes, we do. It’s right



OK, you convinced me, I am going to switch, how do I get started?

Download a copy of the latest release tarball and follow the instructions in the “docs/osnotes” directory. Check the

Downloads section

in the main wiki entry of this site. If you need help, please meet us in the #callweaver IRC channel at

If I wanted to contribute, do I need to sign any disclaimer to assign copyrights?

No, you don’t. CallWeaver is a true open source project. No proprietary versions. No dual licensing. All you have to do is release your contributions under licensing terms which are

compatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2

. You keep exclusive rights to your code.

OK, I want to contribute, what should I do and how do I get started?

Since you are volunteering, it is not anyone’s business to tell you what to do. You decide for yourself. However, we are happy to make suggestions. The best way to get started is to meet us in the #openpbx IRC channel at You may also want to join our

developer mailing list


What was wrong with Why did you rename the project?

There is another PBX software called “OpenPBX” by


, an Australian vendor of telephony cards and there is a voicemail software for Windows called “OpenPBX VXM” by

Chips & Dale Communications

. This caused confusion with the initial name of this project ( and it was therefore decided that the project should be renamed to something which was not already in use elsewhere.

More info

CallWeaver wiki on


CallWeaver home page


CallWeaver wiki


CallWeaver glossaryHit Counter

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The name of this project is “CallWeaver” and not “OpenPBX”.

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Here you will find audio presentations on our products and services, our business opportunity plus audio & Video testimonies from just a few of our Agency Owners. Enjoy!

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About Ad Calls and Our Product
Ad Calls President Al Krauza introduces the direct marketing company, its innovative product,the unique value added service provided to advertisers with permission based online marketing and the free phone calls customers can make in trade for viewing permission based online advertising.

Ad Calls Business Model
Al Krauza explains Ad Calls business model and how the system works. He describes how the company’s structure provides support to the agency owner, unequaled advertising opportunities for businesses, and ease of use to the customers who take advantage of the free phone call dialer.

Scott Warren, Attorney

Al Krauza introduces Scott Warren, an attorney from Wellman and Warren to give the legal perspective on Ad Calls at the July 2006 Anaheim AdCalls Convention

AUDIO TESTIMONIES – Click on Each Pic to hear testimony:

AdCalls Testimonial by John Fink
Mr. Fink was so impressed with Adcalls that he came out of retirement.
“In all my years of experience, I have NEVER seen a service easier to sell!”

AdCalls Testimonial by John Charles
Mr. Charles was introduced to Adcalls April 2006.
“Great Company, Great Comp plan, Bonuses and other benefits like
dental, medical and hospital plans. There is no comparison out there….”

AdCalls Testimonial by Louis Diclemente
“When I saw what Adcalls was offering as far as the product
and the business opportunity, for me it was a business that only comes
along once in a liftime.

The reason is we have a product that has no competition….”

AdCalls Testimonial by Val Burnett

Mrs. Burnett has been with Adcalls since May 2006.
“Adcalls is the company that has the ability to change each one of our lives.
It truly is an opportunity where you can write your own check! Whether it be part
time or full time, It is YOUR choice!…..”


AdCalls Testimonial by Robert Houchin
Mr. Houchin originally joined as an advertiser. He sees this as an opportunity to join a billion dollar industry that is global in nature.

AdCalls Testimonial by Michael Lowe
Mr. Lowe has a lot of business contacts in six states in real estate and insurance and he wouldn’t risk his credibility with them if he wasn’t comfortable with the integrity and viability of Ad Calls.

AdCalls Testimonial by Ed Hernandez
Mr. Hernandez likes Ad Calls infrastructure and the support the company provides. He also appreciates the fact that the company is solvent and debt free.

AdCalls Testimony By Bob Hall
Bob Hall talks about the Ad Call team that provides support, leads, online training, first class materials, and a proprietary product that every business needs.

AdCalls Testimonial by Odilon Andrade
Odilon Andrade advises people to take a look at Ad Calls and do the due diligence, then if they like the opportunity they should jump in.

AdCalls Testimonial by Lawrie Givens
Lawrie Givens and his partner looked at Ad Calls, did their due diligence and were impressed with the amount of time and effort the company put into building a solid infrastructure and foundation.

AdCalls Testimonial by Mervin Ziv
Mervin Ziv did his due diligence in looking into Ad Calls. They say that every 10 years a company arises which is going to be very successful and I believe Ad Calls is one of those companies.

AdCalls Testimonial by Winston Josiah
Winston Josiah said the large percentage of the Canadian population that is computer literate and able to use the free phone calls will get advertisers onboard because of the numbers of people who will be seeing their ads.

Hosted PBX | Video and Web Conferencing

VOIP/IP Phones: (Ethernet/RJ-45 Type)

Cisco 7960G IP Phone Powered by PBX.NET-

The PBX.NET/Cisco 7960G IP Phone is a multi-line phone that provides six programmable
lines and feature keys. The 7960G Phone features a large, pixel-based
LCD display. The display provides features such as date and time,
calling party name, calling party number, call waiting party
information, digits dialed, and more.          


Cisco 7940G IP Phone Powered by PBX.NET-

The PBX.NET/Cisco 7940G IP Phone is a second-generation, full-featured IP phone
for low to medium traffic users who require a minimum of directory
numbers. It provides two programmable line/feature buttons capable of
four simultaneous calls and four interactive soft keys that guide a
user through call features and functions.

Linksys 941/942 IP Phone Powered by PBX.NET-

The PBX.NET-Linksys 941/942 IP Phone provides core
business features and addresses the communication needs of a cubicle
worker who conducts low to medium telephone traffic. The PBX.NET/Linksys 941/942 IP Phone offers four dynamic soft keys that guide a user through call
features and functions. The graphic capability of the display provides
a rich user experience by providing calling information and intuitive
access to features.

Linksys 941/942 IP Phone Powered by PBX.NET-

PBX.NET-Linksys 941/942 IP Phone provides core
business features and addresses the communication needs of a cubicle
worker who conducts low to medium telephone traffic. The
PBX.NET-Linksys 941/942 IP Phone offers four dynamic soft keys that
guide a user through call
features and functions. The graphic capability of the display provides
a rich user experience by providing calling information and intuitive
access to features.

VOIP/IP Broadband Telephone Adapters:

Linksys SPA-2002 powered by PBX.NET-

The Easy-to-install and simple-to-use,Linksys SPA-2002 powered by PBX.NET, connects standard telephones and fax machines to our IP-based data network.The Linksys SPA-2002 features two POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports for connection to existing analog phones, fax machines,and traditional PBX or key systems. The SPA includes an Ethernet interface for connection to a home or office PC (LAN),as well as an Ethernet connection to the broadband modem or router (WAN). With the SPA-2002, each phone port can be independently provisioned via software controlled by PBX.NET. With the SPA-2002, individuals and companies are able to protect and extend their past investments in telephones, conference speakerphones and fax machines as well as control their migration to VOIP with an extremely affordable, incremental investment.Installable by the end user and remotely provisioned, configured and maintained by PBX.NET, each SPA-2002 converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the PBX.NET network.Upstream voice traffic takes priority over less time sensitive data traffic to provide quality of service (QoS) treatment on your VoIP telephone calls. The SPA-2002 can be used in consumer or business service offerings by PBX.NET. The SPA-2002 delivers clear sounding voice and reliable fax calling through its implementation of internationally recognized standards for voice and data networking.

Linksys SPA-2100 powered by PBX.NET-

The easy-to-install and simple-to-use,Linksys SPA-2100 powered by PBX.NET connects standard telephones and fax machines to our IP-based data network.The SPA-2100 features two POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports for connection to existing analog telephones, fax machines,and traditional PBX or key systems. The SPA-2100 includes an Ethernet interface for connecting to a home or office PC (LAN),as well as an Ethernet connection to the broadband modem or router (WAN).Each line ON THE SPA-2100 is independently configured,remotely provisioned,and maintained via software controlled by PBX.NET. Installable by the end user, each SPA-2100 converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the PBX.NET network. Upstream voice traffic takes priority over less time sensitive data traffic to provide quality of service (QoS) treatment on your VoIP telephone calls.The SPA-2100 can be used in consumer or business service offerings by PBX.NET. The SPA-2100 delivers clear sounding voice and reliable fax calling through its implementation of internationally recognized standards for voice and data networking.

VOIP/IP SoftPhone (Win OS Software)

PBX.NET SoftPhone-

The PBX.NET SoftPhone allows users access to all of the PBX.NET VoIP services from the convenience of their Desktop computers at their office or from their Laptop computers, while traveling anywhere in the world with a wired or wireless broadband connection.


Converged Access        CTX-600 VoIP/QOS Appliance-

CTX-600 Converged Access QOS Appliance and VoIP Accelerator
Professional Bandwidth Management Device for VoIP and general IP
Communications. Eliminates Jitter and Clipping in VoIP Calls caused by
WAN congestion in both directions. Plug-n-Play QOS Appliance supports
preferential routing for VoIP and one additional data class plus best
effort for all other network traffic. -Fast and easy to install GUI
-Industry-leading traffic management -SIP application layer traffic
classification -Precise bandwidth guarantees using Class-based Queuing
-Flow optimization with TCP rate shaping -Packet size optimization
-Bridges 4 LAN ports to Single WAN port -Bandwidth bursting and
borrowing on a per-class basis enables dynamic and optimal use of all
bandwidth with or without VoIP present -Designed for plug-n-play
install. Instant QoS with CTX600.

D-Link Broadband/Internet Accelerator-

The DI-102 Broadband Internet/VoIP Accelerator, a breakthrough device designed to enhance your VoIP calling experience.Typical Internet applications such as e-mail and chat require minimal bandwidth. But other applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and video streaming/conferencing require much higher bandwidth as they are real-time sensitive. The DI-102 Broadband Internet/VoIP Accelerator uses an intelligent engine to detect and prioritize bandwidth-sensitive packets so that they can be sent over the Internet as soon as the request is made. This results in faster processing of real-time based packets, less latency, and a better user experience.For instance, there are two computers on your network and both are online – one is using an e-mail program and the other is making a VoIP call. When data packets from each computer are sent to the Internet at the same time, the DI-102 will automatically classify the VoIP call as more important and send the VoIP packets first, and the e-mail data second. The user on the phone can immediately notice the benefits whereas the user sending e-mails will barely notice a change.Setting up the DI-102 only requires 3 easy steps. Power it up, connect your cable or DSL modem to the WAN port and then your router’s WAN port to the LAN port. You don’t have to worry about compatibility because this device works with virtually all Internet connection types and broadband routers on the market. In addition, the DI-102 dynamically configures itself by automatically detecting your Internet upload speed and is ready for use once it’s plugged into your existing network infrastructure. It’s a pure plug and play solution!Now, with this Internet/VoIP Accelerator, experience static-free VoIP calls, jitter-free video conferencing, and lag-free online gaming.

Linksys Network Optimizer-

The Network Optimizer for VoIP and Gaming from Linksys streamlines your home network for next-generation Internet applications. By applying various Quality of Service (QoS) techniques to your network traffic, the Network Optimizer makes sure time-sensitive applications like online gaming and VoIP calls run smoothly.
The Network Optimizer sits between your router and broadband cable or DSL modem, and monitors the data going through. It automatically determines what data is time-sensitive and what isn’t, and prioritizes delivery of that data to its destination, ensuring the best-possible performance for the various types of data that go through your network.

Traffic prioritization helps make sure that your online games don’t lag when someone else on the network is surfing the web or sending email. Voice over IP phone calls sound cleaner. Outgoing streamed video from your Internet Video Camera runs smoother.

And the best part is that the Network Optimizer takes care of prioritizing the data automatically, with no user setup of QoS policies required. After a simple installation it gets right to work, enhancing your network’s performance and helping you get the most out of your high-speed Internet connection.

    * Automatically optimizes your home network traffic
* Gives time-sensitive data higher priority through to the Internet
* Reduces lag in online gaming
* Improves Voice over IP call quality

Hawking Broadband Booster-

The Broadband Booster is a plug and play device that is placed between your internet modem and router that eliminates “internet lag” in your network. It manages and “boosts” your internet applications as they exit your network onto the internet for a more efficient usage of your network’s bandwidth. The result is a “lag-free” experience from all internet applications!

The average network has two or more computers
accessing the internet simultaneously. Whether they are sending email
attachments, making internet VoIP phone calls or playing games online,
their applications will have an effect on one another as each
application fights for bandwidth in a specific network. The result is a
slowdown in ALL applications called “internet lag.”

Improve the overall performance of your network. The Booster utilizes new StreamEngine technology to significantly eliminate lag in internet gaming, improve the quality of VOIP internet phone calls, increase data transfer speeds and overall push your internet experience to where it should be: seamless. A typical home or office network has multiple users accessing the Internet at the same time. Whether it’s gaming, Internet phone calls, streaming video, daily emails or internet browsing, the overall speed of the network is crippled as all these applications attempt to access the internet simultaneously. The Hawking Broadband Booster intelligently prioritizes and boosts these applications through the Internet to ensure that each application runs smoothly and without lag, ultimately raising the Internet experience of each user.

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