Real-Time Barry T1 Line Prices from Nationwide Service Providers

 ATT T1 Network = Reliability

Written by: Patrick Oborn – Dec 3, 2008

So reliability is important to you in your search for a connection? You may want to consider an ATT T1. ATT T1 lines have one of the highest SLA of any major carrier and the service is backed by an organization that has been in telecommunications for 113 years. If you’re looking for superior quality, reliability and customer service consider buying a T1 line from ATT.

As mentioned in previous articles in the publication reliability is critical when setting up lines that will be the lifeline of your company. AT&T; is among the world’s premier voice, video and data communications companies, serving consumers, businesses and government. In 2000, AT&T; had annual revenues of nearly $66 billion. Backed by the research and development capabilities of AT&T; Labs, the company runs the world’s largest, most sophisticated communications network, and is the largest cable operator in the U.S. The company is a leading supplier of data and Internet services for businesses and offers outsourcing, consulting and networking-integration to large businesses.

If you’re convinced that ATT is a good solution for you but don’t want to pay the price we have found another alternative. ACC Business, a division of ATT will sell the same service over the same network for a lower price! How is this possible? It’s much like buying a generic brand and getting the same quality as the name brand. ACC was a reseller of ATT products until they were acquired by ATT in 1996. Now ACC provides the same ATT products under their own brand at a lower cost! If you want the security of a large company and the personable service of a small company, take a look at ACC Business.

Branding Information

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Dialer Trouble Shooting Documents – AdCalls

Dialer Information Center





A GREAT way for our troops to stay in touch with family and friends for FREE




The email address you type in is the same email address the other party
used when installing the dialer originally. This is PC-PC



1. Dialing from USA and Canada for International calls, dial 011 before the number.

2. Dialing from USA and Canada (within USA or CANADA), dial 1+Area Code before the number.

3. Dialing from USA and Canada for Local calls (within the same area that you entered during the installation of dialer), dial only the number.

4. Dialing from all other countries, start with the country code.

Please find the list of countries below where we are either offering or in the process of offering free long distance (PC-PHONE). Some countries listed through the link below are currently in testing phase and may not be fully open until testing phase is complete.

Click here for country listing and any blocked prefixes.
Also please make sure that you are dialing the number with country code and area code. For example 12133411456.

For Dialer Technical Trouble Shooting please Click here

Click here to return to the 5 step process
and our homepage.

Voip Residential Comparison Guide: Evaluating Packet8, Lingo, And Vonage

Voice over internet protocol [internet telephony] is a rapidly growing technological alternative to traditional land based residential phone systems. Instead of making calls through telephone lines, VoIP routes your calls over the internet by way of your cable or DSL provider. Notably, residential VoIP phone rates are cheaper by at least 50%, making VoIP an attractive option for many consumers. Today, three internet telephony companies are leading the way in signing up new customers – Packet8, Lingo, and Vonage – so let’s examine and compare their offers to find the VoIP plan that works best for you.

AT&T and the former Bell companies are in for the fight of their lives thanks to the growth of VoIP. Vonage is one of the better known providers with Lingo and Packet8 each making their presence known. For consumers just like you, there are great savings to be had; please read on for a comparison between the leading three providers.

Vonage – Quirky and unforgettable television commercials are one way Vonage [an abbreviation of Voice Over Net Age] tells the world about its services as the company is aggressive in signing up new customers. Vonage’s standard plan – Premium Unlimited – retails for $24.99 per month offering users an unlimited number of minutes to call anyone in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Europe. Calling features included with this plan are: call waiting, three-way calling, voice mail, call forwarding, call transfer, call return, and more. Vonage also offers a basic plan for $14.99 per month where all of the features mentioned are included except minutes are limited to 500 per month.

Lingo – Offering calls to the US, Canada and Western Europe as part of its standard $21.99 per month plan, Lingo is formidable competitor to Vonage. Every Vonage calling feature is matched by Lingo with a few extras thrown in including anonymous call rejection where you can automatically dump calls from people who are trying to hide their identity from you. If you want a basic plan, Lingo matches Vonage’s 500 minutes offer and even markets a thrifty, bare bones plan for Lingo-user to Lingo-user only calls at $7.95 per month.

Packet8 – Gaining steam in the VoIP market is Packet8, a company that offers a competitively priced plan for just $19.99, covering calls to all 50 states and Canada. Matching all of the calling features offered by Lingo and Vonage, Packet8 goes one step further: Sign up and pay for your service for one year in advance and the VoIP provider’s $19.99 Freedom Unlimited plan is just $199 per year. On top of that, Packet8 offers a rebate covering the cost of the quality Uniden IP phone with built-in router and expandable handsets if you go with their annual plan. Vonage and Lingo do not match Packet8’s special offer, therefore you will have to pay separately for the adapter and for a phone.

A couple of concerns have been raised over 911 access with VoIP plans. One concern has to do with power outages, while the second one concerns connectivity to a local 911 center.

With the first concern, if you have a power outage then VoIP will not work for you unless you have a generator in place as an electrical back up. To get around this limitation, many VoIP users simply use their cell phones to make emergency calls when needed.

With the second concern, the Federal Communications Commission {FCC} has put into place new requirements for the handling of 911 calls: all VoIP providers must now have the ability to route calls to a local emergency response center and provide the caller’s callback number and location to that center. This recently implemented requirement – known as enhanced 911 or e911 — has closed an important loophole in VoIP service, one that benefits VoIP users everywhere tremendously.

Clearly, if you want to save hundreds of dollars on phone service, then voip is a great alternative that you should explore. If you are looking for the best all voip service, then Packet8 is something you should consider.

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Asterisk bounty PRI 2B channel transfer

*UPDATE*Bounty closed as of 2007-09-21

*UPDATE*Bounty poster seems to be inactive, mflorell has taken over the bounty as of 2007-08-27

Bounty: PRI 2B transfers

Maintainer: mflorell

Status: Functional in DMS100 in Asterisk 1.4, and beta patch for 5ESS, NI2 2BCT added into libpri trunk by mattf 2007-09-21

Contributors: mflorell (mflorell at-the-domain

Amount: Bounty is inactive

License: will fully disclaim to Digium for use in Asterisk and GPL

This mostly falls under libpri instead of zaptel, but here it is none the less. I need to have asterisk be able to hand off two B channels of a PRI to the upstream switch. This would get * out of the bridge and more importantly, release the use on the channels on the PRI.

Additional information on the 2BCT can be found on John Todd’s website. URL is: (seems to be dead link) try*/

Currently Asterisk(libpri/zaptel) 1.4 fully supports this feature on DMS100 switchtypes only, but there is a patch available for 5ESS and Digium is working on a stable version of that for the 1.4 codebase. As for NI2, Digium has no intentions of supporting 2BCT on it any time soon making this bounty very important.

Please contact off-list if you need more info. I will place this back into community so the bounty would take that into account.

This out of the 5ESS manual:

PRI Two B-channel Transfer (TBCT), introduced in the 5E13 software relase, is defined by Bellcore in GR-2865-CORE, and by ANSI as Enhanced Explicit Call Transfer supplemenary service in ANSI T1S1.1/96-346. The Notificaton to Controller (NTC) subscription option to the TBCT feature is available beginning with a software update to the 5E13 software release. A “controller,” which is an intelligent peripheral interfaced to the 5ESS switch over an ISDN PRI, can request that two independent calls, each on an ISDN PRI B-channel, be transferred away from the PRI and connected to each other. This frees up the PRI B-channels while the transferred calls are active on the switch. The NTC feature option notifies the controller when the call previously transferred by Two B-channel Transfer has cleared.

These two calls may be on B-channels on different PRIs but, if they are, the two PRIs must be members of the same PRI serving group. At least one of the two calls must be answered; the other call may be answered, or alerting if it is incoming from the controller to the switch.

GSM Cell Phone Transforms to Desktop Wireless Business Phone

A Brilliant Idea for such [ ] product. Make use of your SIM card or secondary SIM card with this really cool, GSM desktop wireless phone. Turn todays traditional looking phone into a desktop mobile phone. If youre always working from your desk, this electronic gadget with an extra large speaker will prove more useful than regular mobile phones. Who would like this: Business men, for personal use, people who have more than one SIM card, for people who want the look and feel of a traditional desktop office phone but with the functionality of a modern mobile phone What ebay keywords can I use: Wholesale Chinavasion, Wholesale Electronics, Electronics, Wireless Phone, GSM, Phones, Business Phone, Desktops, GSM, Prepaid Wireless and Wireless Phone. A lot of us have secondary SIM cards which are just laying around, sometimes we change our SIM cards and get new numbers and suddenly, our old number gets disconnected, so who wants to carry 2 or 3 mobile phones around. Now you can make use of your business number with this product and leave it in your office. Make life more organised and stress free today with this great desktop wireless GSM business phone. The bottom line if your into the old fashions classic look of desktop phones, then you will be happy to know, you can simply insert your SIM card into the wireless desktop phone. This product has so many practical uses. Basically it means you can travel with your home number anywhere in the world, this

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  3. Wow Mobile Home Business Free Cell Phone Service
  4. Wow Mobile Free Cell Phone Service & Home Business
  5. (small business phone systems)*DO U MAKE $10000 A …

Snom 870 white by Head VoIP Shop


Il telefono VoIP Snom 870 è studiato per rispondere all’esigenza di semplice fruibilità combinata ad una tecnologia all’avanguardia. Il display a colori (TFT) non è solo più grosso rispetto a quello dello snom 820, ma offre inoltre una novità assoluta: è stato concepito come touch screen, dotato di un menu unico nel suo genere! In questo modo lo snom 870 consente agli utenti di impiegare le funzioni più complesse come mettere in attesa una telefonata per rispondere ad una seconda chiamata o avviare conferenze telefoniche con ben 5 (!) partecipanti attraverso un semplice “drag and drop”.

La struttura chiara della rubrica consente di identificare immediatamente ogni chiamante e contiene informazioni aggiuntive quali l’azienda di appartenenza, l’indirizzo email e molto altro. Le dimensioni degli elementi sul display sono state adattate ad un impiego attivo, in modo da selezionare sempre il giusto contatto.

Anche le componenti audio corrispondono allo standard elevato a cui sono abituati i clienti Snom: Audio a banda larga stereo e riconoscimento delle pause. Il browser XML integrato offre accesso ad un ampio spettro di applicazioni aggiuntive. Che si tratti della gestione di una telecamera di controllo esterna o della trasmissione delle ultime news dalla borsa, lo snom 870 da molto spazio agli extra.

Indipendentemente dal luogo in cui lo snom 870 viene impiegato, il telefono é pronto per qualsiasi ambiente di lavoro: l’alimentazione ha luogo tramite normale cavo elettrico, Power over Ethernet (PoE) o via USB su rete WLAN. Una connessione sicura via VPN, TLS ed SRTP garantisce massima protezione contro l’intercettazione illecita dei dati.

Come già per lo Snom 820, il sistema di appoggio angolare a 33° o 55° rende tutti gli elementi del telefono facilmente raggiungibili e ben visibili.

Dettagli tecnici

  • 4,3″ TFT Touchscreen con profondità di colore da 24 bit

  • Interfaccia utente intuitiva

  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • 2 x type A, 1 x type B USB – WLAN ready

  • Audio a banda larga

  • snom Flexor CTI, snom OCS Edition integrati

  • 2 x IEEE 802.3

  • Power over Ethernet

  • SIP RFC3261

  • sicurezza: SIPS/SRTP, TLS


  • Interfaccia plurilingue

  • Mini-Browser XML


Scheda Tecnica

Video del prodotto

Documentazione completa

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Polycom auto-answer config –

Polycom auto-answer config

This page details the necessary settings needed to make your Polycom Soundpoint IP500/600 automatically pick up a phone call placed to it with no user interaction.

You need the latest version of both the SIP software and bootrom to do it (see Polycom Phones for a link).

The latest version of software provides for distinctive ring tones just like the Cisco 7960’s have. It also provides for auto answer. It’s kind of tricky to do, but you can make your phones auto answer by setting the Alert-Info variable in Asterisk and messing with the XML configuration files, sip.cfg and ipmid.cfg.

In the sip.cfg file, look for the line with these variables:

<alertInfo voIpProt.SIP.alertinfo.1.value=”Sales”


In this real-world example, whenever I set ALERT_INFO to “Sales” in Asterisk, the Polycom matches on that word and calls up class 8 in ipmid.cfg.

In ipmid.cfg, my class 8 line looks like this:

<SALES”Sales” se.rt.8.type=”ring” se.rt.8.ringer=”11″

se.rt.8.callWait=”6″ se.rt.8.mod=”0″>

se.rt.8.type=”ring” tells the Polycom phone which type of ring to use – which in this case is a regular ring and se.rt.8.ringer=”11″ tells the phone to ring with ringtone 11 with is the Triplet. I use this one for signaling a new incoming sales call to one of my three sales guys. The secretary transfers it to the sales department and their lines ring with the Triplet. I feel like Pavlov whenever I hear it.

The other ring types are visual, answer and ring-answer. The one you want is ring-answer. Here’s how I do it: again in sip.cfg (actually part of the same line listed above)

…voIpProt.SIP.alertinfo.2.value=”Ring Answer”


and in ipmid.cfg (I just modified one of the existing ones to give me a High Double Trill ringtone):

<RING_ANSWER”Ring Answer” se.rt.4.type=”ring-answer”

se.rt.4.timeout=”1000″… se.rt.4.ringer=”7″…>

The se.rt.4.timeout=”1000″ tells the Polycom to ring for 1000 milliseconds (one second) and then answer.

I call it in Asterisk by setting the ALERT_INFO variable to “Ring Answer” whenever anybody pushes 8 plus the extension. It rings in to the extension and voila, I’m on speaker!

By the way, for all you BOFH out there, you could actually use this feature as a somewhat surreptitious eavesdropping device by using a silent ring and a visual type. The phone would answer without any indication except on the console. I haven’t tried this myself and if you do this, I don’t want to know about it… unless I’m in your office at the time.

These tips have been implemented in my Polycom configuration files:

I found that using SetVar(RING_ANSWER=”Auto Answer”) did not send anything in the sip headers.

Instead I got the above to work by using this in my dial plan:

SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: Ring Answer)

I changed allcall.agi to work with 1.2.0 and hopefully to be a little more flexible. In addition I added a hangup-page.agi that will hangup extensions in the meetme when the originating caller hangs up.


My relavent extensions.conf:


exten => *74,1,Goto(app-system-page-impl,s,1)


; The first variable is the originating caller, the others are phones I

; wish to exclude from the system-wide paging. (Not everybody likes to

; be bothered, don’t you know?) The form of the variable

; is SIP/EXT – For example, ${EX-DESIGN} = SIP/7013

exten => s,1,NoOp,${CALLERIDNUM}

exten => s,n,AGI,allcall.agi|SIP/${CALLERIDNUM} ${PAGE_EXCLUDE}

exten => s,n,Wait(1)

exten => s,n,Playback(beep)

exten => s,n,MeetMe(9999,dq)

exten => s,n,Playback(beep)

exten => s,n,Hangup

exten => t,1,Hangup

exten => T,1,Hangup

exten => h,1,NoOp(Hungup from page ${UNIQUEID})

exten => h,n,DeadAGI(hangup-page.agi)


exten => start,1,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=”Ring Answer”)

exten => start,n,MeetMe(9999,dmq)

exten => start,n,Hangup

exten => t,1,Hangup

exten => T,1,Hangup

The DeadAgi(hangup-page.agi) will hangup the listening phones when the paging phone is hungup. If you change the MeetMe room number (9999) in extensions be sure to change it in hangup-page.agi as well.

Integrating Polycom phones with SugarCRM

SugarCRM has a nifty add-in from VoiceRD which integrates Asterisk with SugarCRM. The add-in allows the user to click the phone number of a contact and have a call placed to that contact. However, the Polycom requires you answer the call first, then the second leg is placed. This becomes somewhat tedious after the first few calls.

Since the polycom does not allow you to turn on auto-answer, there is no simple way to achieve this. The config example below gets it done.


The config file macaddress-phone.cfg should contain the following






to enable the auto-answer. This is a global parameter so it cannot be enabled for one extension only.


The open source add-in from VoiceRD

will add an icon next to the number of the contact. Clicking that icon will place a call, first to your extension, then to the number.

The admin configures asterisk with the Asterisk Context: “sugar”

Each user is configured like this:

For a user on a sip extension 500

   Asterisk Phone Extension: Local/500

On the pbx, the context sugar is added


exten => s,1,Answer

exten => s,n,NoOp(Context: Sugar)

exten => s,n,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: RANR)

include => default

default should give access to the extensions. Adapt to your own setup.

VoIP Calls: Use Your Dial-up or Broadband Connection to Make Calls Over the Internet

VoIP is quite a well managed form of technology. The various processes that work together to provide the services of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP have in them the visible sense of simplicity and also grandeur. For a layman, one only needs to have an overall idea as to how this technology actually works.

Human Voice undergoes the process of being transformed into inanimate entities known as digital signals, which are also composed into digital packets. These packets are then sent over a network.

The primary usage of VoIP is for making VoIP calls, or making telephone calls using the VoIP technology. The above process, makes the process of making calls into quite a simple one, with many facets being increased to more wonderful levels.

The service of enabling calls to be made using this technology is given by large number of websites which base their business operation on the VoIP technology. The user, therefore, when he browses the web in search of VoIP service providers, is now given a huge chain of choices due to many VoIP service providers being now present.

The major attraction of VoIP is that of VoIP call rates have the major distinguishing factor of being quite affordable when compared to calls being made using standard mediums like normal telephones.

The reason for this is also quite logical and for the user it makes quite a sense as it does for the businessman. The process uses the feature of advertising to encounter the process of handling call costs made using the money generated from the sums being paid by the companies putting their product or service related advertisements on VoIP websites.

The reason for doing this is the low cost associated with VoIP phone calls, which increases the number of users using the services of VoIP service providers residing all over the world. Therefore, due to the process of the traffic being quite high (as a result of the number of hits being large), the companies foresee large number of viewers for the advertisements that they host.

VoIP calls, therefore, have become the need of the moment for most human beings today due to the features being provided. The technology of VoIP is also being used in mobile devices now, with mobile VoIP calls being made in larger numbers apart from VoIP phone calls being made using other mediums.

The tools for using VoIP are also quite many, with the option set now being increased with the entry of widgets. The user is able to make calls using other mediums such as the computer or the VoIP phone or even the normal telephone call using an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor).

Most of the recent offers, that are being thought out, have lots of interesting assets other than having the basic technology, Business is for some of the VoIP service provider websites, a feature which gives many features in terms of cost with some absolutely excluding the factor of cost. This is the world of free calls being made and is primarily done using software given by websites which provide this service.

When a person uses the software (which he has downloaded from a service provider website after registering), he normally comes across an user interface which resembles a telephone. This results in VoIP calls being made even by human beings who barely know how to use the computer.

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