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When you have been charged with a drug crime and are facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, it helps to have an attorney with decades of legal experience behind you. You can find that attorney at the Law Office of Bruce D. Locher.

For years, we have defended Central Illinois clients against state and federal drug distribution, trafficking and possession charges. If the government’s case against you leads to conviction, we have years of experience representing clients at sentencing hearings. We work with officers in the Federal Probation Office in making sure the correct sentencing guidelines (which while only advisory, they still must be considered by the Court) will be applied by the Federal Court Judge. Once we know what Guidline range is being suggested by the Probation Office, we then work with the client to prepare a cross-examination of government witnesses and then decide what evidence and arguments can be offered to the court to obtain the most favorable sentence.

If you have been arrested for a drug offense, put our knowledge and experience to work for you by calling our Springfield office at 217-953-4052or contacting us online. At your free initial meeting, we will discuss your case and go over the next steps.

Here for Every Step of Your Drug Case

From the day of your arrest, we can offer you experienced representation for drug charges involving the possession, sale, distribution, manufacture and trafficking in illegal controlled substances, including:

  • Crack or Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines (meth)
  • Prescription drugs

Protecting You From Asset Forfeiture

In many serious traffic cases, in addition to felony cases (typically drug cases), an arrestee’s money, car, home or other property may be seized by the government and an attempt made to forfeit that property. In Central Illinois, property is being seized and then forfeited without arrests being made and charges being filed. If this has happened to you, we can help you attempt to get that property back. There are procedures in place on both the state and federal levels allowing you to regain control of your property. However, you must act quickly. There is usually a short window of time to do this.

Contact Us for Dedicated Representation

You can depend on us to analyze all the details of your case and offer you the serious defense you deserve. For a free initial meeting with an experienced lawyer, call 217-953-4052 or contact us online.

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