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There are several factors that can cause the slowness of your Windows 8. To resolve the situation, it is necessary to investigate what the source of the problem.

1. Use the Task Manager

The task manager can be a good help to find out which programs are using the computer resources. To start Task Manager start by pressing the shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. Check if there is any such program to use a lot of percentage of the disk, RAM or CPU.

Windows 8 locking how to solve

If so, simply select the program and press the button “end task”. This does not apply if the program in question is your antivirus or other security program.

Still in Task Manager, go to the tab “Startup” and check what are the programs that have a greater impact on the boot time of Windows 8. You can disable the automatic startup of the program by clicking the “Disable”.

Windows 8 locking how to solve

2. Malware

A computer infected with Malware can become quite slow (regardless of the version of Windows).

To check your Windows, you can use the free program MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.

For more details, see the following tutorial: how to remove viruses, trojans, spyware, etc.

3. Windows updates

Another factor that can cause your Windows lock, is the installation of the updates in the background. This situation is very common immediately after reinstalling Windows 8 (for example, after formatting).

In this case, the situation will only be resolved after the Windows Update to install all updates. Please note that updates are essential to ensure the proper functioning of your Windows.

4. Update Drivers

You can also avoid the crashes by updating the drivers for the components.

Install updated drivers ensures a better functioning of the system, preventing errors and Optimizing Windows.

To update the drivers of a simple and intuitive way, just use the free program “Driver Booster”.

Windows 8 locking update drivers

Accelerate the performance of Windows 8

Over time, it is normal for your Windows get slower. To avoid the performance loss, you can use the free program Advcanced System Care, optimizing various aspects of your Windows 8.

The Advanced System Care has the Turbo Boost mode, which allows you to increase the performance of Windows by disabling features “non-essential”.

For more details, see our tutorial: how to speed up Windows 8 to Max.

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