Lawn Mower Safety – Tips That You Need To Know

Accident can happen anytime and therefore it is extremely important to make due consideration for safety when it comes to household equipments and appliances. Many parents know it’s important to tend to more than their yards when they do yard work. Still, thousands of children are injured in yard-work-related injuries every year.

It only takes a moment for a child to dart into the path of a lawn mower. Myranda got her foot trapped underneath the blade of her father’s riding lawn mower when she was 2 years old. Spence lost part of his foot when he tripped in front of a riding lawn mower when he was 3. Both Myranda and Spence had to have a foot amputated and now use prostheses.

Myranda and Spence are among the many children Shriners Hospitals for Children treats each year who have lost fingers, toes and limbs as a result of power lawn mower accidents. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 84,000 injuries result from lawn mower accidents each year, and 8,800 of those injuries are to children under the age of 18. One out of every five lawn mower deaths involves a child.

According to a report published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine Web site, children between the ages of 15 and 19 have the highest rate of hospitalizations caused by lawn mower accidents, and the second-most-common result of these hospitalizations is toe amputation.

To prevent lawn mower injuries, follow these safety tips from Shriners Hospitals for Children and the CPSC:

  • Do not allow passengers on a riding mower.
  • Keep children out of the yard and indoors while mowing the lawn.
  • Do not allow children under the age of 14 to operate a lawn mower.
  • Always prepare your lawn for mowing. Check your lawn for items such as sticks, rocks, toys, etc. Make sure nothing is hidden in the grass.
  • Handle fuel with care. Wipe up spills. Never fill the tank on a mower that is hot. Never smoke or use any kind of flame around gasoline.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes, including long pants, long-sleeved shirts, eye protection, heavy gloves, and sturdy, close-toed shoes with slip-resistant rubber soles.
  • Check guards and shields. Read the owner’s manual and know how to operate the equipment. Don’t remove or disable guards or other safety devices.
  • Always use a mower with an automatic blade cutoff. Stay behind the handle until the blade stops.
  • Never reach under a mower while it is still operating. If you need to remove debris or check the blade, disconnect the wire from the spark plug.
  • Don’t cut grass when it’s wet.
  • On slopes, mow up and down rather than across the slope.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and you can be sure to have a great peace mind knowing that everyone in the household is safe and sound.

Is Murray Lawn Mowers Reliable?

The Murray lawn mowers owners are a harried lot. There are many complaints with Murray lawn mowers and not all of them are attended to. You might learn the positive points and negative points about Murray lawn Mowers

Incomplete Information On Murray Web Site

Murray web site is stingy about information on its own product. The information on the lawn mowers is not more than three or four sentences on each product. With such stinginess, it is no wonder that the product does not get a proper publicity and the result is reduced sale of product. Add to this number of complaints and the result is a dissatisfied consumer.

More Negative Than Positive – Murray Lawn mowers

Murray lawn mowers do not seem to enjoy a market reputation for better product. Many product recalls and many consumer complaints seems to tarnish reputation of Murray lawn mowers. Consumer safety products commission takes up the cases of the dissatisfied consumers and it has recently given instructions for recall of number of Murray products.

Recent Recalls Of Murray Lawn Mowers

Recently about 17 models of Murray lawn mowers were recalled on the orders of Consumer safety products commission. The case related to the safety of Murray lawn mowers and possibility of injury to the person working on lawn mower or just standing nearby.

The recall involved 20-, 21-, and 22-inch walk-behind lawn mowers and some 30-inch mid-engine riding lawn mowers. 38-, 40-, 42-, and 46-inch lawn tractors 46-inch garden tractors were also recalled by the company.

The problem was related to the plastic components of the lawn mowers that cracked when struck by the objects thrown by the blade. These parts could be ejected from the lawn mower completely unexpectedly and the nearby consumer could be injured. As of now no complaints have been received by the commission regarding the injury but the recall was initiated all the same to avoid possible injuries.

The total units recalled were about 8000 numbers

One thing to be said positive about Murray Inc. was that it co-operated with commission and recalled the defective lawn mowers even before the chances of injury became a reality.

Consumer Complaints About Murray Lawn Mowers

Consumer complaint sites are replete with complaints about Murray lawn mowers. The major complaints were regarding

* Part non-availability: Number of persons reported that parts of Murray lawn mowers were not easily available in the market. This meant that the machines were not available to the users for quite a long time after having spent lots of dollars in purchasing the lawn mowers.

* Incomplete information The web site states that the best place for spare parts is the local dealer but fails to give the addresses of the local dealers. The web site gives the addresses of many countries but fails to give the list of USA Service centers

* Substandard parts: Many consumers have complained that the parts of Murray broke down and made the product useless. The non-availability of the spares added to the problems of consumers.

Once you have a dissatisfied customer, you have a negative publicity, any consumer who says that he/she will not purchase Murray products in lifetime finds many friends, and the result is bad publicity for the company.