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In this tutorial we explain how to make a photo album using the PowerPoint program online, which can be used free of charge even for users who don’t have Microsoft Office.

To do this, simply have an account, or in other words, have an email Hotmail or If you do not yet have an account, you can create a Microsoft free of charge by following the procedures in the following tutorial: Create Microsoft.
In the end, you can print your photo album, create a video with the photos (and music), share the album on social networks, etc.
How to make a photo album in PowerPoint
Start by accessing the Office Online and enter the PowerPoint application. Create a new document using a template.

To do this, click “see more templates” or access the following link: PowerPoint Templates.
Now, go to the section “photo albums” and select the type of album you want to create. Note that PowerPoint has models of family albums, baby, holiday, etc.

How to make a photo album in PowerPoint

After you select the album, click “Open in PowerPoint online”. Add your photos by clicking with the right mouse button and selecting the “change image”.

How to make a photo album in PowerPoint
When finished, click the menu “file”-“Save as”-“Download”.
Convert Photo Gallery on video

After finishing the album, you can convert all the video slides and add a background music.

To do this, you can use a specific program like e. m. Free PowerPoint Video Converter, or use the Movie Maker.

Print Photo Gallery

Want to print your album? It’s very simple, you can use your printer, or print directly to a store near you. To print on your home printer, you will need photo paper, which you can buy in a computer store.

Photographic paper

During the print settings, you will need to set the paper type to “photo paper”. For more details, see our tutorial: how to print pictures at home printer.

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